Grim Leaper Back-Up Story

You can find this story appearing as a back-up tale in Image Comics’ Grim Leaper #1, on sale in May 2012, by Kurtis Wiebe and Aluisio Santos. You can get the issue for free on Comixology.

This story originally developed as follows:

The Small Press Commandos is a group of indie comics warriors that have banded together for an experiment. The idea was to do a series of one week challenges, where we are given a theme and a week to create a short comic based on that theme, from concept to letters. So far, that experiment resulted in only one round, and this was our story.

Written by Joey Esposito

Art & Letters by Jeff McComsey

The theme given for our first operation was the one and only Jack Kirby. While most went with the expected brand of sci-fi, artist Jeff McComsey and I went for a modern update to the Joe Simon/Jack Kirby classic romance comics, Young Romance.


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