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Marty! You Made It!

Marking out for Star Wars, Batman, or Doctor Who is fairly commonplace. Knowing which issue Green Lantern Ch’p made his first appearance (Green Lantern Vol. 2 #148) is, in the realm of nerd, standard. However, since I was a kid one other sci-fi franchise has stood out to me in a way that was hard to articulate until I got older. Back to the Future ages with grace; along with your maturity as a film goer, the comedy, themes, and characters of the series grow proportionately. With confidence I can say that the Back to the Future films are the most enjoyable, flawless filmic entities on the planet Earth.

That said, just as Ghostbusters has begun to see a renaissance in die-hard fandom, so too has BTTF. In conjunction with the Blu-ray release of the trilogy (awesome), Universal re-released the original film in limited locations back in October, and now Telltale has their upcoming downloadable adventure game, which is really what spawned this post. I’m as excited as the next BTTF fan that can recite every line of every film, but after seeing the trailer that was released earlier this week, I’m a tad worried as well.

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