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(Don’t) Go, Go Godzilla

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge Godzilla fan. I like and appreciate the character, his fandom, and his history, but my love of it all really begins and ends with the profound and penetrating Gojira; everything else is little more than a late-night cinematic curiosity for me. That being said, I was really excited for Gareth Edwards’ new American-ized version, meant to pick up the slack left by Roland Emmerich in 1998’s Godzilla (which had a kick ass soundtrack, to be fair).

Unfortunately, as I sat in the movie theater last night, about 30 minutes in, I got that uncomfortable lump in my stomach. You know the one. The one that makes your insides turn over as you realize you’re really not enjoying yourself. I don’t usually write stuff about movies I don’t like, but the fact that I have no real stakes in the franchise itself and I was still really excited for the movie and yet loathed it has really struck me for some reason. Godzilla is not only a terrible Godzilla movie, it’s a poorly scripted and visually derivative action blockbuster by any standard. I didn’t like Pacific Rim either, but at least that movie had some unique visual flair.

From this point on, there are full spoilers to be had. You’ve been warned!


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Pawn Shop Love

PScoverTest5It’s been a long time coming, but the graphic novel that Sean Von Gorman and I Kickstarted back in 2012 is finally done and about to go off to the printer’s. Kickstarter backers have received their digital copies (if you haven’t, there’s an update for backers-only on the KS project with a link to download) and some members of the press have gotten their review editions.

I’m also pleased to say that the print edition will feature a foreword by die-hard New Yorker, class act, and writer extraordinaire, Adam P. Knave.

If you happened to miss the Kickstarter, you can currently pre-order the book from my online store and it will ship after the Kickstarter folks receive their copies.

Visit my store on Storenvy

Much to my delight, response has been quite flattering so far. Thank you all. I wanted to post some of the love we’ve received, if only to remind myself that the two years it took to get this book out the door was worth it. Here’s what some awesome people are saying:

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“Beautiful Things Don’t Ask for Attention” — Some Thoughts on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Full disclosure: I haven’t read James Thurber’s 1939 short story by the same title nor have I seen the 1947 movie. While I plan on doing both eventually, this is all about Ben Stiller’s version. I loved it and think it’s something everyone — particularly those of us that are hunkered down at our desks behind computers all day — should go and see. There are spoilers for the whole movie in here, just so you know.

The premise is something we can all relate to, I think, especially those more interested in the world(s) inside of our heads than the real one outside of our window. Walter Mitty processes negatives for the soon-to-be-defunct Life Magazine, assisting world famous photojournalist Sean O’Connell in his documentation of Earth without ever actually leaving the confines of his dank little office. When Sean’s negative for what is going to be the magazine’s final cover is lost, Walter breaks free of his stifling, droning life and tries to hunt it down in Greenland, Iceland, and Afghanistan, following Sean’s trail and encountering a number of characters and adventures along the way.

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Kind Words About Our Grim Leaper Back-Up

Great news, everyone! Grim Leaper #1, home to the Jack Kirby/Joe Simon homage short story that I did with Jeff McComsey, has sold out and is heading back to press for a second printing. Huge congrats to Kurtis and Aluisio, and an even bigger thanks for letting us be a part of it. The second printing will be on sale June 27, the same date as GL #2, which has a back-up from Ryan K. Lindsay. Here’s the second printing’s cover:

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the short, which I was surprised by, so thanks to everyone that picked it up and talked it up. It’s also available on Comixology, so check it out if you haven’t!

Here are some of the nice reviews we got mentioned in:

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Footprints “Pick of the Week” at Bloody Disgusting!

Happy weekend everyone! I’m delighted to say that we got a wonderful review over at Bloody Disgusting, and we’ve been gifted as “Pick of the Week”! Huge thanks to the folks at BD, and I’m so happy that you dug the book! Here’s an excerpt:

Esposito and Moore fill the book with little details that force you to pay close attention to each panel, no matter how small. They don’t simply rely on dialogue to move the plot forward, but like with all good noir stories, it’s the subtext that plays an essential role. Whether it’s a broken picture frame, a small note, or a hand gesture, “Footprints” is filled with great subtleties that showcase how wonderfully ideas can be presented in graphic storytelling . This is invigorating storytelling, and neo-noir at it’s finest.

You can also check out the full review.

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Footprints Trade Paperback In Stores!

At long last, the Footprints TPB should be in any comic shops that were on the ball enough to order it through Diamond. If you didn’t pre-order it (or if no one else did at your LCS), it might be hard to track down, but you can still tell your retailer to order it from Liber Distribution, buy it digitally on the 215 Ink iPad app (only $3 for the collection!!), or look for it soon on 215ink.com. If it becomes readily available any place else, I promise you’ll be hearing about it from me!

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Footprints Honorable Mention in USA Today’s ‘Best of 2011’

I’m about to type a sentence I didn’t think I would be:

FOOTPRINTS was given an honorable mention in USA Today‘s Best of 2011 feature in the “Best Comic You Might Not Be Reading” category. Holy crap! Not to mention that we’re mentioned alongside some of my favorite indie books at the moment (all of them from Image Comics)  — Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossimo’s Green Wake, Joshua Fialkov and Brent Peeples’ Last of the Greats, and the winner: Mark Andrew Smith and Armand Villavert’s Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors.

I’m honored and elated to be listed alongside these folks and I hope this inspires some people to check out our book. Speaking of which, there’s only one week left to pre-order the Footprints trade paperback, so if you haven’t done it yet, tell your LCS! We’re in the Previews catalog on page 321, or you can order us online from Midtown Comics, TFAW, or any other online comics retailer.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support this year; here’s hoping 2012 will be even bigger!

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First Reviews of Footprints #2

The reviews for Footprints #2 have started coming in! Awesome sites like A Comic Book Blog, Comic Attack, Comic Booked, and CC2K. Huge thanks to everyone for checking out our little book. Here’s an excerpt from ACB’s review:

I simply love this story.  These characters, as nearly ridiculous as they are to be in the roles they have, are simply awesome.  Joey Esposito injects so much personality into them.  Forget about them being a bigfoot, a chupacabra, a Jersey devil, a giant shark, or a Loch Ness monster…  They feel like real people.  It was something I picked up immediately in the first issue, and it sticks true in this second issue.  Before, I dug them and loved how they were being used.  Now these monsters feel like my buddies and real people that I’m invested in.

If you want to check out the issue for review, please get in touch!

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BookGeeks Love Footprints #1

The kind folks at the awesome BookGeeks gave Footprints #1 a gander, and as it turns out, they dug it! Here’s an excerpt:

Footprints is a fun and entertaining jaunt into a creature feature/crime noir hybrid yarn. Bigfoot makes a surprisingly excellent hard-boiled private eye and the idea of the legends of Cryptozoology being ‘out’ to the public as a world-wearing super team Watchmen-style is great. Bigfoot is the brains of the operation and the undisputed leader of the group, but each of the monsters has their own distinct personality and skill set that should prove useful in unravelling Yeti’s murder. Jersey Devil is the brash, mouthy sidekick of Bigfoot, El Chupacabra is the muscle, while Megalodon and Nessy are star-crossed lovers specialising in information gathering. As well as being a suspenseful mystery story, Footprints also features a lot of humour. I love the intrusion of reality into the fantastical as poor Megalodon is unable to play an active role in the investigation at this stage due to the fact that he is, after all, a giant shark.

Read the entire Footprints #1 Review at BookGeeks. Huge thanks to reviewer Erin Britton.

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Comic Related Loves Footprints #1

The super cool comics website Comic Related was kind enough to take a look at Footprints, and they gave us a glowing review! Here’s an excerpt:

Something I instantly liked about FOOTPRINTS was that it read like some impossible film noir playing in my head. Every time Foot spoke it was like I was hearing his deep, gravelly voice in my mind and smelling the cigarette smoke in the room while Saxophone-heavy Jazz played in the background…the picture painted with a few selective sentences and the artistic style was shockingly vivid for me.

Be sure to read the entire review, and head over to our Kickstarter page to read the entire first issue!

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