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PAWN SHOP to be Published by Z2 Comics in the Fall

I’m so pleased to say that Pawn Shop, by me and Sean Von Gorman, is being published by Z2 Comics this fall, as announced by Publishers Weekly earlier today.

The book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and at your local book and comic stores. If you were a Kickstarter backer or purchased one of the self-published editions from us at some point, your support means the world! If you enjoyed it, we’d love if you could continue spreading the word and get your local shops to order a copy or just tell a friend!



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Thank You for Making RISE a Reality

Over two years ago, I posted a piece calling out some severely inappropriate behavior by a comics retailer in my home state of MA. While I can’t say if his behavior has changed at all during this time, I can say that we followed through on the promise I made in that post — that we’d put together an anthology that uses comics to fight the type of bullying that, unfortunately, happens even within our own community of creators, retailers, and readers.

With the help of my co-editors Adam Pruett, Erica Schultz, and Kristopher White, we assembled an elite comic-book-making team ranging from superstar A-listers to exciting up-and-comers that donated their time, effort, and creative juices to create an anthology that we’re proud of with a variety of different styles and a theme that unites. It’s been a long, hard road to make this book a reality, with conversations with nearly every comic publisher you can think of, but we’re blessed to have teamed up with Northwest Press to get this book out the door.

A RISE cover by Sean Von Gorman

NWP launched a Kickstarter last month that ended yesterday — exceeding its goal of $10,000. The money was to cover printing costs to distribute these books to our partner organizations so they can give them away for free at schools and events. Our partners were also instrumental over these past two years of getting this thing together — GLAAD, Stand for the Silent, and PRISM Comics — and we can’t thank them enough.

So to everyone that kicked in or spread the word, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. This project has been a labor of love (and oftentimes a mountain of stress) for everyone involved, but knowing that people supported a project like this — getting it into the hands of kids for free — is amazing.

Head on over to the Kickstarter updates to see some of the stories that we’ve posted for a free sample!


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Archer & Armstrong #25, Coming in October

Valiant Comics has been doing these great anniversary spectaculars for the 25th issues of their books, and I’m happy to say that, as announced at NYCC’s Special Edition over the weekend, I’ll be featured in Archer & Armstrong #25 on sale in October.


As you can see, there are a great many names involved, and I’m super excited to be a part of it. Here’s the full press release and solicitation info:

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Introducing Footprints: Bad Luck Charm

Back in 2011, co-creator Jonathan Moore and I crowd-funded our series FOOTPRINTS on Kickstarter — a story about Bigfoot as a private eye trying to hunt down his brother’s killer alongside Jersey Devil, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, and Megalodon. A few years later, and we’re ready to return to this wonderful, bizarre world.

Today we launched a Kickstarter for Footprints: Bad Luck Charm, a new one-shot that features two stories. One of them is set before Footprints Vol. 1 and the other is set afterwards. The best part is you can read one of those stories RIGHT NOW over at the Kickstarter page.

Please click the image below and check it out, considering backing us, and share it with every single person you know!


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Pawn Shop Signing on April 30 at Carmine St. Comics in NYC

If you live in the New York City area, great news! Sean Von Gorman and I will be at Carmine St. Comics on Wednesday, April 30 from 5-8PM signing/selling copies of Pawn Shop.

The shop is at 34 Carmine St. in the West Village, so stop on by and say hello.


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Pawn Shop Script Book Now Available

Way back during the Pawn Shop Kickstarter campaign, we revealed the Pawn Shop Script Book as a stretch reward. It’s a collection of all my hand-written notes, the original rough draft, and the final typed draft of the entire graphic novel. It’s meant to show off the process of making a comic from conception to final product. The reward has gone out to the Kickstarter backers, but I’ve just listed it in my store for anyone that missed out on the campaign.

Buy the Pawn Shop Script Book

It’s $5 for a 222-page PDF, and you can buy it here. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Pawn Shop Now Available on Comixology

I’m pleased to announce that Pawn Shop is getting a digital release — starting today — courtesy of the fine folks at comiXology. We’ll be serializing the book into four installments — one issue per chapter — and releasing one issue a week at 99 cents each. That’s just $4 for the whole book digitally!

You can buy issue #1 here: http://cmxl.gy/OfvDDs

A huge thanks to John D. Roberts and Chip Mosher and the whole team over at comiXology for helping to make this happen. Here’s the full press release:

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Captain Ultimate, My New Book from Monkeybrain Comics

Hooboy, this was a hard one to not talk about. So, as announced today from San Diego Comic-Con, I’m doing an all-ages superhero book with the wonderful Monkeybrain Comics called CAPTAIN ULTIMATE. It’s written by me and my pal Benjamin Bailey, with art by Boykoesh, colors by the (recently Harvey Award Nominated!) Ed Ryzowski, and letters by Adam Pruett.

I won’t say a whole lot about it here, for two reasons: 1.) there’s going to be a crazy amount of interviews and such going up today across the web that I’ll be posting, and 2.) we’ve built a crazy awesome official blog for the book: captainultimate.wordpress.com!

There will be a bunch of neat stuff there, including previews (here’s a preview of issue #1!) and cool story-based stuff. At launch, we’ve got some fun character bios and what not that will be updated as the issues come out. We’ve got lots of stuff planned, so check out and subscribe to the Captain Ultimate blog for more info!

Our first issue is on sale now, and it’s a mere 99 cents on Comixology, so please give it a whirl. If you read it and you like it, tell your friends and subscribe so you never miss an issue!

CU01_Cover FunAgain

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Yeah, We’re Doing More Footprints

Back when the Footprints trade came out and I was doing interviews and stuff, I was pretty adamant that we wouldn’t be doing any follow-up. But never say never, I guess.

As you may have seen on Twitter the last couple of weeks, Jonathan Moore and I have been teasing a new FP story, and well, I figured it was time to stop being coy about it. So yes, you’ll be seeing the return of Foot, Devil, Choop, and Nessy, along with some new friends and old enemies (as you’ll see below) in a brand new one-shot. Here’s a peek:


But wait, that’s not all:

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A Peek at the Vic Boone Anthology

I haven’t really spoken about this yet, but since my pal and creator of the remarkably awesome Vic Boone, Shawn Aldridge, showed this off early on the ol’ Facebook, I guess it’s fair game. Shawn is putting together a sweet anthology with contributions from a bunch of indie creators, all of us giving our own spin to Vic Boone and his world. If you don’t know Vic Boone here’s the quick pitch — an ex-motorcycle daredevil turned private eye in a world that’s made up of Hollywood B-movie sci-fi. I’m working with artist Joe Badon and it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve been a fan of the Boone ever since his debut as a Zuda Comic, so it’s a real treat to be able to tell a story with him.

Anyway, here’s an early look at the first page of our tale, with some wonderfully bizarre creatures by Joe (a personal favorite is the rabbit ears comb-over guy) and a rather badass Vic. You’ll be hearing more about this from all involved very soon!

And if you’ve never read Vic Boone, snag it here. It’s awesome.

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