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Yeah, We’re Doing More Footprints

Back when the Footprints trade came out and I was doing interviews and stuff, I was pretty adamant that we wouldn’t be doing any follow-up. But never say never, I guess.

As you may have seen on Twitter the last couple of weeks, Jonathan Moore and I have been teasing a new FP story, and well, I figured it was time to stop being coy about it. So yes, you’ll be seeing the return of Foot, Devil, Choop, and Nessy, along with some new friends and old enemies (as you’ll see below) in a brand new one-shot. Here’s a peek:


But wait, that’s not all:

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Footprints TPB Now Available at the 215 Ink Shop

I know there’s been some delays/trouble getting the Footprints collected edition through your local comic shops for some of you, so now you can cut out the middle man if need be. The trade is available for sale at the 215 Ink Shop, direct from the publisher.

Please drop me a line if you order it and let me know what you think!

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Footprints “Pick of the Week” at Bloody Disgusting!

Happy weekend everyone! I’m delighted to say that we got a wonderful review over at Bloody Disgusting, and we’ve been gifted as “Pick of the Week”! Huge thanks to the folks at BD, and I’m so happy that you dug the book! Here’s an excerpt:

Esposito and Moore fill the book with little details that force you to pay close attention to each panel, no matter how small. They don’t simply rely on dialogue to move the plot forward, but like with all good noir stories, it’s the subtext that plays an essential role. Whether it’s a broken picture frame, a small note, or a hand gesture, “Footprints” is filled with great subtleties that showcase how wonderfully ideas can be presented in graphic storytelling . This is invigorating storytelling, and neo-noir at it’s finest.

You can also check out the full review.

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Footprints Trade Paperback In Stores!

At long last, the Footprints TPB should be in any comic shops that were on the ball enough to order it through Diamond. If you didn’t pre-order it (or if no one else did at your LCS), it might be hard to track down, but you can still tell your retailer to order it from Liber Distribution, buy it digitally on the 215 Ink iPad app (only $3 for the collection!!), or look for it soon on 215ink.com. If it becomes readily available any place else, I promise you’ll be hearing about it from me!

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Footprints Honorable Mention in USA Today’s ‘Best of 2011’

I’m about to type a sentence I didn’t think I would be:

FOOTPRINTS was given an honorable mention in USA Today‘s Best of 2011 feature in the “Best Comic You Might Not Be Reading” category. Holy crap! Not to mention that we’re mentioned alongside some of my favorite indie books at the moment (all of them from Image Comics)  — Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossimo’s Green Wake, Joshua Fialkov and Brent Peeples’ Last of the Greats, and the winner: Mark Andrew Smith and Armand Villavert’s Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors.

I’m honored and elated to be listed alongside these folks and I hope this inspires some people to check out our book. Speaking of which, there’s only one week left to pre-order the Footprints trade paperback, so if you haven’t done it yet, tell your LCS! We’re in the Previews catalog on page 321, or you can order us online from Midtown Comics, TFAW, or any other online comics retailer.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support this year; here’s hoping 2012 will be even bigger!

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Footprints #3 Preview

I’ve got something exciting for you today: the first preview of FOOTPRINTS #3. We love this issue (not that we don’t love every one of them) and we can’t wait for people to see this. Here are 5 pages plus the cover for your viewing pleasure. Please let us know what you think!

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First Reviews of Footprints #2

The reviews for Footprints #2 have started coming in! Awesome sites like A Comic Book Blog, Comic Attack, Comic Booked, and CC2K. Huge thanks to everyone for checking out our little book. Here’s an excerpt from ACB’s review:

I simply love this story.  These characters, as nearly ridiculous as they are to be in the roles they have, are simply awesome.  Joey Esposito injects so much personality into them.  Forget about them being a bigfoot, a chupacabra, a Jersey devil, a giant shark, or a Loch Ness monster…  They feel like real people.  It was something I picked up immediately in the first issue, and it sticks true in this second issue.  Before, I dug them and loved how they were being used.  Now these monsters feel like my buddies and real people that I’m invested in.

If you want to check out the issue for review, please get in touch!

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Baltimore Comic-Con 2011

Hey all,

Just a quick note that I will be present at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con from August 20-21! Jonathan Moore and I will be available all weekend at the 215 Ink tables (Artist Alley 219-220) debuting FOOTPRINTS under their banner, selling comics, signing, available for interview and of course chatting it up with everyone that stops by. If you’re attending the show, please do swing by and say hi. Alcohol beverages will also be accepted.

I’ve also recently posted a Schedule page to make finding me at conventions even easier!

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Footprints to be Published by 215 Ink

Great news everyone! Comics publisher 215 Ink will be publishing Footprints. Jonathan and I are ecstatic to be working with these guys. Here’s the official press release:

FOOTPRINTS is a creator-owned comic book mini-series about Bigfoot and his team of cryptozoological deviants solving the murder of Bigfoot’s estranged brother Yeti. The tongue-in-cheek  crime/noir/mystery comic was fully funded as an independent comic book project on Kickstarter.com by creators Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore, who also self-published the first issue to rave reviews across the web. Now, with the help of 215 Ink, FOOTPRINTS will be available for order nationwide through Diamond’s PREVIEWS catalog as well digitally.

“We’re very excited to bring FOOTPRINTS to 215 Ink,” said Esposito. “I’m a huge fan of their gutsy approach to creator-owned material and their commitment to the creator’s vision. FOOTPRINTS is a strange beast to be sure, but I’m 100% confident that 215 Ink will be the best home for it.”

“215 Ink is excited about this latest edition to our ever growing line up of quality titles,” added Andrew Del Quadro, President of 215 Ink. “FOOTPRINTS and the creative team behind it has shown passion, dedication and originality in creating this new series, and that’s something we look for when selecting new titles to publish.”

Footprints #1 will be released through 215 Ink later this year, with each issue following monthly.

Those of you who backed us on Kickstarter — don’t worry, everything is still the same! 215 Ink is an incredibly creator-friendly environment, and all of the incentives you pledged your hard earned money for are still fully in our control and will be handled with care. Expect all the same great stuff in relatively the same timeframe — except now it’ll have the nifty 215 Ink logo on it! Thank you all again, it wouldn’t be happening without you!

There’s a lot more info to come, so stay tuned!

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