Joey Esposito Comics Portfolio


Click the cover image or title to be taken to a PDF of the work that can be read or downloaded via Dropbox.


Pawn Shop (Z2 Comics, October 2015) — Slice of life/drama

Co-created with Sean Von Gorman


Footprints TPB Cover

Footprints Vol. 1 (215 Ink/self-published, April 2013) — Supernatural crime/noir

C0-created with Jonathan Moore












Footprints: Bad Luck Charm (self-published, April 2016) — Supernatural crime/noir

Co-created with Jonathan Moore


Speakeasy1cover Speakeasy2coverSpeakeasy3cover

Speakeasy #1, #2, #3 (of 6, TBD 2016) — Sci-fi

Co-created with Joe Badon












Captain Ultimate Vol. 1 (Monkeybrain Comics, December 2014) — Superhero/adventure

Co-created with Benjamin Bailey and Boy Akkerman












“For the Boys” (short in FUBAR: American History Z, FUBAR Press, April 2013) — horror

Co-created with Felipe Cunha




“Drive Time Commute” (back-up in Grim Leaper #1, Image Comics, May 2012) – Romance

Co-created with Jeff McComsey













Archer & Armstrong #25 (short story, Valiant Comics, October 2014) — Superhero

with Joe Eisma












Sonic the Hedgehog #264 (back-up, Archie Comics, September 2014) — Superhero

with Benjamin Bailey, James Fry, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata, and John Workman


vic short page 1 letteredB&W







Vic Boone: Analogue (web, July 2013) — Sci-fi

with Joe Badon


Other work-for-hire includes:

Animal Band OGN (Stan Lee’s Kids Universe, TBD)

Dig-Dug (web, Shiftylook, 2012) — out-of-business, site offline

Frightmare and Hallowicked (web, CHIKARA Wrestling, 2012)  — site offline



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