Footprints: Bad Luck Charm Page Process (Page 1)

As the Kickstarter for the new Footprints wears on, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at what goes into a page of the book. Here you see the full script for Page 1, which Jonathan followed pretty much exactly (next time we’ll look at Page 2, where he deviates from the script and makes it better). 


But you’ll notice that there was an adjustment to the colors as far as Motheresa’s eye color goes. Since the first Footprints was black and white, we hadn’t really thought about details like eye color. Originally Jonathan made them a beautiful blue, but then we decided that giving her red eyes not only made her more exotic and imposing (fitting considering the person she becomes) but also aligned wonderfully with the Mothman legend that she’s based on.

In the script you’ll notice I put links to reference images for Jonathan, which I don’t think he asked for but I know he likes to be accurate and would probably wind up researching for himself to get the 1962 Vegas look right, so I helped him out. I’m not sure if he used my particular reference or not, but he nailed that last panel.

If you haven’t yet, please check out Footprints: Bad Luck Charm on Kickstarter, read the full story, consider backing us, and spread the word to any lover of comics, fan of Bigfoot and cryptozoology, or crime fiction enthusiast.







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