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“When it Comes to the Past, Everyone Writes Fiction” — A Few Words About Stephen King’s Joyland

I needed a work break, so I thought I’d share some lingering thoughts about a book I finished recently.

I’m a big fan of the Hard Case Crime line of hard-boiled paperbacks. Favorite authors writing the kind of stories that I love, it’s tailor-made for me and lovers of crime fiction. It’s especially exciting when an author you wouldn’t expect to release such a book shows up, like Stephen King (or the recent Michael Crichton releases).

King’s booklist is enormous and spans many different genres, but he’s primarily known for his thriller/horror works. In 2013, Hard Case Crime released King’s second novel for the imprint, Joyland (his first was The Colorado Kid, which I haven’t yet read — if you’ve seen SyFy’s Haven, you might be familiar with it).


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