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Captain Ultimate, My New Book from Monkeybrain Comics

Hooboy, this was a hard one to not talk about. So, as announced today from San Diego Comic-Con, I’m doing an all-ages superhero book with the wonderful Monkeybrain Comics called CAPTAIN ULTIMATE. It’s written by me and my pal Benjamin Bailey, with art by Boykoesh, colors by the (recently Harvey Award Nominated!) Ed Ryzowski, and letters by Adam Pruett.

I won’t say a whole lot about it here, for two reasons: 1.) there’s going to be a crazy amount of interviews and such going up today across the web that I’ll be posting, and 2.) we’ve built a crazy awesome official blog for the book:!

There will be a bunch of neat stuff there, including previews (here’s a preview of issue #1!) and cool story-based stuff. At launch, we’ve got some fun character bios and what not that will be updated as the issues come out. We’ve got lots of stuff planned, so check out and subscribe to the Captain Ultimate blog for more info!

Our first issue is on sale now, and it’s a mere 99 cents on Comixology, so please give it a whirl. If you read it and you like it, tell your friends and subscribe so you never miss an issue!

CU01_Cover FunAgain


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Read My Vic Boone Comic for Free

A while back, I posted about the production of a Vic Boone anthology that Boone creator Shawn Aldridge was putting together for some other creators to muck about in the great universe he built. So, along with artist extraordinaire Joe Badon, this is our story — “Analogue.”

Read it for free!

And if you’re not familiar with Vic Boone, you can get the entire first volume for $3 on Comixology.

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