Yeah, We’re Doing More Footprints

Back when the Footprints trade came out and I was doing interviews and stuff, I was pretty adamant that we wouldn’t be doing any follow-up. But never say never, I guess.

As you may have seen on Twitter the last couple of weeks, Jonathan Moore and I have been teasing a new FP story, and well, I figured it was time to stop being coy about it. So yes, you’ll be seeing the return of Foot, Devil, Choop, and Nessy, along with some new friends and old enemies (as you’ll see below) in a brand new one-shot. Here’s a peek:


But wait, that’s not all:


Yep. Color has come to the world of Footprints, and I would imagine the choice of location can tell you why. We’re not ready to talk release date, as this is something we’re both doing in our spare time simply because we love these characters so much. But I would expect it sometime over the summer, probably? We’ll keep you updated.

As always, thanks to you guys for keeping Footprints alive — your enthusiasm for the characters is truly heartwarming.



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2 responses to “Yeah, We’re Doing More Footprints

  1. Congrats Joey. I’m waiting to get my credit card to buy Footprints on Comixology. I hope this all goes well!

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