The Pawn Shop Script Book

I’m ecstatic to report that we’re nearly 100% funded in our Pawn Shop Kickstarter campaign — at the time of this writing just over $400 to go — and so we’re making the final push to make sure that happens this week, so we can start shelling out some awesome stretch goals! As incentive to get everyone to continue sharing our project, pledging, and perhaps even upping their pledges, we’re offering a free digital download of the Pawn Shop Script Book to all backers $10+ — but only if we’re fully funded by Friday, August 10.

The Script Book will include my handwritten notes and rough drafts along with the final typed draft to compare it to, in addition to some of Sean’s sketches and layouts. The idea is to paint a full picture of the creative process and the evolution of the Pawn Shop story. Like so:

Check out the post on Kickstarter for more examples of what you’ll be seeing in the book. Thanks to everyone for their support so far, and we hope you’ll keep up the awesome support!


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