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A Peek at the Vic Boone Anthology

I haven’t really spoken about this yet, but since my pal and creator of the remarkably awesome Vic Boone, Shawn Aldridge, showed this off early on the ol’ Facebook, I guess it’s fair game. Shawn is putting together a sweet anthology with contributions from a bunch of indie creators, all of us giving our own spin to Vic Boone and his world. If you don’t know Vic Boone here’s the quick pitch — an ex-motorcycle daredevil turned private eye in a world that’s made up of Hollywood B-movie sci-fi. I’m working with artist Joe Badon and it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve been a fan of the Boone ever since his debut as a Zuda Comic, so it’s a real treat to be able to tell a story with him.

Anyway, here’s an early look at the first page of our tale, with some wonderfully bizarre creatures by Joe (a personal favorite is the rabbit ears comb-over guy) and a rather badass Vic. You’ll be hearing more about this from all involved very soon!

And if you’ve never read Vic Boone, snag it here. It’s awesome.


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The Pawn Shop Script Book

I’m ecstatic to report that we’re nearly 100% funded in our Pawn Shop Kickstarter campaign — at the time of this writing just over $400 to go — and so we’re making the final push to make sure that happens this week, so we can start shelling out some awesome stretch goals! As incentive to get everyone to continue sharing our project, pledging, and perhaps even upping their pledges, we’re offering a free digital download of the Pawn Shop Script Book to all backers $10+ — but only if we’re fully funded by Friday, August 10.

The Script Book will include my handwritten notes and rough drafts along with the final typed draft to compare it to, in addition to some of Sean’s sketches and layouts. The idea is to paint a full picture of the creative process and the evolution of the Pawn Shop story. Like so:

Check out the post on Kickstarter for more examples of what you’ll be seeing in the book. Thanks to everyone for their support so far, and we hope you’ll keep up the awesome support!

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Just Make It Happen

I’ll admit that writing this post wasn’t something I wanted to do today. I’m currently working on the next issue of Bad Girls, promoting and continuing to write Pawn Shop, developing a new pitch with Footprints artist Jonathan Moore, and writing a new short story, not to mention slowly working on a different project that I can’t talk about yet. What I’m trying to say is, I’ve got plenty on my plate. But then, that’s relevant to this post, I suppose.

This morning I was engaged by a Twitter follower that had sent me an e-mail, hoping for coverage on a fundraising campaign he’s running for his comic. While the discussion began with him annoyed that I hadn’t responded yet (he sent the e-mail 4 days ago, and that’s a different issue entirely. See full plate above), it quickly evolved to a heated debate about “not being able to afford” making comics. His argument was that he’s floating by the skin of his teeth, with all of his money going to bills, rent, etc. And I identify with that, I truly do. Because guess what? Most people in comics are in the exact same boat. Few people are in this business to make money. Any art, really, should be done because you have an inexplicable drive to do it, no matter what.

But the fact is that comics are expensive, especially if you’re a writer. We have to pay not just a penciller, but usually an inker and a colorist and a letterer too. Many of my friends in comics have children and a spouse, and I don’t know how they manage, quite honestly. I live alone with a cat, and I’m barely floating by. Sure, he’s an expensive and needy cat, but I digress. My point is that — just like any goal in life — if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. No excuses.

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Dig Dug: The Beginning

So, for the classic video game DIG DUG’s 30th anniversary, Shifty Look — a webcomics division of Namco — put together a bunch of comics folks to create one-page stories  that feature their interpretations of the Dig Dug world. I was paired with the awesome Hoang Nguyen (Carbon Grey) and Dig Dug: The Beginning is what we came up with. If we did our job, you’ll come out of it with everything you knew about the titular hero of the series shattered to pieces. Or not, but at least you can enjoy some of Hoang’s breathtaking work.

Click the image to check out the full comic, and please let me know what you think!

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