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Footprints Script/Final Art Comparison – Part 3

There seems to be a running trend of my intentions to be regular with this process column and then falling behind. But hey, life. I’m also writing this while couch-ridden and doped up after my back acted up, so please forgive any typos. My plan was to do nothing this weekend and rest, but I feel funny not doing something. So here we are. If you haven’t a clue what it is I’m doing here, check out the other installments:

Part 1

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Again, keep in mind that due to WordPress formatting limitations, the script format here isn’t exactly how my actual scripts look, but there’s no hard-and-fast comics format anyway, so as long as you get your ideas across competently and clearly in a way that works for the artist, I think you’ll be okay. Here we go, Page 3:

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