Kind Words About Our Grim Leaper Back-Up

Great news, everyone! Grim Leaper #1, home to the Jack Kirby/Joe Simon homage short story that I did with Jeff McComsey, has sold out and is heading back to press for a second printing. Huge congrats to Kurtis and Aluisio, and an even bigger thanks for letting us be a part of it. The second printing will be on sale June 27, the same date as GL #2, which has a back-up from Ryan K. Lindsay. Here’s the second printing’s cover:

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the short, which I was surprised by, so thanks to everyone that picked it up and talked it up. It’s also available on Comixology, so check it out if you haven’t!

Here are some of the nice reviews we got mentioned in:

At Broken Frontier:

Grim Leaper, furthermore, comes packed with a charming and quick backup story written by Footprints scribe Joey Esposito.  Following the mundane lives of two lovers dying to meet each other, Esposito’s backup in the perfect companion to Wiebe’s main piece.  Though focusing on different parts of life, the pair’s focus on similar themes of love and desire complement each other well, as each finds common ground in the parts of day-to-day life that keep everyone going.  Though only a quick four page read, Grim Leaper would do well to continue to feature Esposito’s work in the book’s subsequent issues.

At Comic Vine:

There’s also a second story by Joey Esposito and Jeff McComsey. It’s a nice little story that gave the entire issue a different feel.

At Adventures in Poor Taste:

This book also comes with a five page booster story written by IGN editor Joey Esposito. This story is a straight up romance, with no supernatural elements. Two folks wish they could be together but can’t seem to meet up. The twist at the end is cute.

At Unleash the Fanboy:

The back-up, “Drive Time Commute,” is also strange. It contributes heavily to the 1950′s feel of the book as a whole, mostly through Joey Esposito‘s great writing (It’s narration heavy, but very witty, with a “This is the story of two people who…” feel) and the awesome vintage style art of Jeff McComsey, who’s colors are amazing. What’s strange is that it’s straight up romance, with no horror or supernatural elements. As good as it is, it’s odd that it was added to the book.

At Starburst Magazine:

The cherry on top of this delightfully gruesome cake is Joey Esposito’s Drive Time Commute, a short feature about two ill-fated lovers that manages to be both adorable and cruel. Together, these “love stories to die for” leave you feeling like the wait for issue #2 will be the worst kind of Limbo.

At cxPulp:

There’s a short back-up story in this issue as well, “More Love Stories to Die For: Drive Time Commute” by Joey Esposito and Jeff McComsey. This odd little tale focuses on a man and woman who fall in love while passing in traffic every day, never meeting or speaking to one another, each with a miserable existence that propels them together. The last page in particular is oddly ambiguous, but the style and script are clever and work well as a sort of love story by way of Tales From the Crypt.

And at Wizard is Oz:

There is a B-Story included in this issue and it is almost as good as the main plot. It works really well with the main story as it does have a grim end. The art is gritty and the story charming. It feels like an old time love story, with a twist. Often these additions are throw aways but “Drive Time Commute” was quite enjoyable and plays well with the theme, Esposito and Mccomsey did a great job.

To be fair, though, a second reviewer at Wizard is Oz took less kindly to the story, saying:

The second story here however for me personally was a complete waste of time and space.  I am not really into sappy love stories and this was kind of weird and stupid.  Whoever thought this one was a good idea should be fired.  Romance comics in this day and age marketed towards men doesn’t work and that is plain to see.

Opinions make the world go round! But seriously, thanks to everyone that picked the book up. Tell your friends!


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