Footprints “Pick of the Week” at Bloody Disgusting!

Happy weekend everyone! I’m delighted to say that we got a wonderful review over at Bloody Disgusting, and we’ve been gifted as “Pick of the Week”! Huge thanks to the folks at BD, and I’m so happy that you dug the book! Here’s an excerpt:

Esposito and Moore fill the book with little details that force you to pay close attention to each panel, no matter how small. They don’t simply rely on dialogue to move the plot forward, but like with all good noir stories, it’s the subtext that plays an essential role. Whether it’s a broken picture frame, a small note, or a hand gesture, “Footprints” is filled with great subtleties that showcase how wonderfully ideas can be presented in graphic storytelling . This is invigorating storytelling, and neo-noir at it’s finest.

You can also check out the full review.


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