Footprints Trade Paperback In Stores!

At long last, the Footprints TPB should be in any comic shops that were on the ball enough to order it through Diamond. If you didn’t pre-order it (or if no one else did at your LCS), it might be hard to track down, but you can still tell your retailer to order it from Liber Distribution, buy it digitally on the 215 Ink iPad app (only $3 for the collection!!), or look for it soon on If it becomes readily available any place else, I promise you’ll be hearing about it from me!

Kickstarter folks, it was my intention to have your copies to you before the shops did, but as I haven’t received MY copies from the printer yet (apparently they went direct from printer to Diamond), that clearly isn’t possible. I apologize but can assure you that everything will begin shipping in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the release of the trade, here’s some new reviews and a interview with yours truly!

Interview and review at Shock Till You Drop

Free issue #1 at Bloody Disgusting

Review at Put it in Your Eye


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