Yep, another something new. Erik Norris and I co-wrote a 12-page story for a new horror anthology — here’s some early artwork from artist JC Grande.

Erik Norris

This is odd.

I’m not typically the type of writer that blogs to spew non-sequitur thoughts onto the internet. It’s just not my style. But since I started this little resume/portfolio whatever-you-call-it, I figured it might be worthwhile to suck it up and just write for writing’s sake.

Since I write every single day about the world of video games and comic books, I’m not going to do that here. At least not now. Instead, I’m going to use my first “blog” post to show off a taste of a personal project I’m working on with friend/colleague Joey Esposito.

We’ve co-written a 12-page comic that will appear as part of a horror anthology later this year. Each contributor to the project was given a monster and setting and told to come up with a tale utilizing both. I’m not going to spoil either our creature or our setting here, but…

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