Another Reason to Buy Grim Leaper

Exciting news! Friend and Image Comics rising star Kurtis Wiebe (Green Wake, Intrepids, Peter Panzerfaust) has got a great new book coming next month with Grim Leaper — a gory romantic comedy about a guy who keeps dying and waking up in the body of strangers that meets a woman with a similar curse. It’s all very romantical and bloody, and features art from Aluisio Santos.

But, I’m elated to say that the Jack Kirby/Joe Simon Young Romance homage comic that Jeff McComsey and I did will be featured as a back-up story in issue #1, which releases on May 30th.

Kurtis talks about the book on the Comic Book Road Show, also revealing other contributors including Ed Brisson, Jeremy Holt, and Ryan K. Lindsay, all contributing to “More Love Stories to Die For.” We’re all really excited, so be sure to tell your LCS you want it bad!


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