Like Pro Wrestling? Me Too.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll often see me tweet about wrestling-related things. It also used to be a part of my day job. I love wrestling, even when I hate it. Funny enough, many people that follow me for comics stuff do too. The crossover is actually pretty obvious (and something I’ve written about at length here). But dudes in tights fighting other dudes in tights, amirite? Anyway, there have been many attempts at bringing wrestling and comics together — meaning using the larger-than-life athletes as superheroes in their own weird little universe — but I never particularly enjoyed any of them. Put my money where my mouth is, right?

So when opportunity to work with one of the best indie wrestling organizations out there — Chikara Pro — I said “yes” instantly. I’m happy to announce that Chikara will host a story of mine that I wrote as the secret origin of their character Frightmare — a character with fantastic visual appeal — as a weekly web comic, which you can find here.

Here’s a little tease from the first page. If you click it, you can enjoy more. Let the Frightmare begin!


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