Footprints Honorable Mention in USA Today’s ‘Best of 2011’

I’m about to type a sentence I didn’t think I would be:

FOOTPRINTS was given an honorable mention in USA Today‘s Best of 2011 feature in the “Best Comic You Might Not Be Reading” category. Holy crap! Not to mention that we’re mentioned alongside some of my favorite indie books at the moment (all of them from Image Comics)  — Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossimo’s Green Wake, Joshua Fialkov and Brent Peeples’ Last of the Greats, and the winner: Mark Andrew Smith and Armand Villavert’s Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors.

I’m honored and elated to be listed alongside these folks and I hope this inspires some people to check out our book. Speaking of which, there’s only one week left to pre-order the Footprints trade paperback, so if you haven’t done it yet, tell your LCS! We’re in the Previews catalog on page 321, or you can order us online from Midtown Comics, TFAW, or any other online comics retailer.

Thanks to everyone for all of their support this year; here’s hoping 2012 will be even bigger!


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