First Reviews of Footprints #2

The reviews for Footprints #2 have started coming in! Awesome sites like A Comic Book Blog, Comic Attack, Comic Booked, and CC2K. Huge thanks to everyone for checking out our little book. Here’s an excerpt from ACB’s review:

I simply love this story.  These characters, as nearly ridiculous as they are to be in the roles they have, are simply awesome.  Joey Esposito injects so much personality into them.  Forget about them being a bigfoot, a chupacabra, a Jersey devil, a giant shark, or a Loch Ness monster…  They feel like real people.  It was something I picked up immediately in the first issue, and it sticks true in this second issue.  Before, I dug them and loved how they were being used.  Now these monsters feel like my buddies and real people that I’m invested in.

If you want to check out the issue for review, please get in touch!


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