Footprints in USA Today

Yeah, you read that right. USA Today did a feature on Footprints that includes an exclusive sneak peek at Footprints #2 and a lengthy interview with me. Huge thanks to Brian Truitt and his continued support of independent comics. Please check out the feature and read the preview. I’ve put an excerpt below. Also, tell everyone you know.

As a comics journalist, Esposito knows a lot about the positives and negatives of the industry. He realizes that a black-and-white comic like Footprints is a hard sell, it might take more than one issue to sell people on it and they might unjustifiably compare it to other properties. Not to mention the fact that Diamonds Comics, the largest comic-book distributor in North America, will only carry Footprints trade paperbacks and not single issues.

“But it’s the comic I wanted to make, so I did,” Esposito says. “It’s all about the learning experience. I love Footprints and I’m proud of what we’re doing, but I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned about the medium and the industry and apply it to the next book.”

Check out the full interview, and don’t forget that we’re having an epic party for Footprints at Meltdown Comics this Saturday night at 7PM in LA!


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