BookGeeks Love Footprints #1

The kind folks at the awesome BookGeeks gave Footprints #1 a gander, and as it turns out, they dug it! Here’s an excerpt:

Footprints is a fun and entertaining jaunt into a creature feature/crime noir hybrid yarn. Bigfoot makes a surprisingly excellent hard-boiled private eye and the idea of the legends of Cryptozoology being ‘out’ to the public as a world-wearing super team Watchmen-style is great. Bigfoot is the brains of the operation and the undisputed leader of the group, but each of the monsters has their own distinct personality and skill set that should prove useful in unravelling Yeti’s murder. Jersey Devil is the brash, mouthy sidekick of Bigfoot, El Chupacabra is the muscle, while Megalodon and Nessy are star-crossed lovers specialising in information gathering. As well as being a suspenseful mystery story, Footprints also features a lot of humour. I love the intrusion of reality into the fantastical as poor Megalodon is unable to play an active role in the investigation at this stage due to the fact that he is, after all, a giant shark.

Read the entire Footprints #1 Review at BookGeeks. Huge thanks to reviewer Erin Britton.


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