Footprints Funded at 108% on Kickstarter

It already feels like it was forever ago that we launched the Footprints Kickstarter. As of Monday morning, we successfully surpassed our goal of $7500. In fact, the final stats were: 108% funded, 199 backers, $8,123 pledged.

I’ve done it a thousand times, but I want to offer a very sincere thank you to everyone the pledged, Facebooked, tweeted, interviewed, reviewed, previewed, podcasted and everything else that brought the word to the masses. We are eternally grateful for helping us tell a story that we believe in, even if it’s silly at heart.

As you know, Footprints #1 is already complete. The remaining issues will be going into production over the summer, and we hope to have the series completed by the end of the year. Stay tuned to this blog, or, if you’re a backer on Kickstarter, to the project updates. I’ll periodically be posting updates as we make progress on the remainder of the series.

Thank you all so much, we couldn’t have done it without you. Literally.


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