Enter the Small Press Commandos

Just a heads up for everyone to keep their ocular units peeled for exciting stuff from the Small Press Commandos, a group of passionate indie comics creators (of which I am a part) that are trying something fun and unique. We’ve been paired up, given an info packet on a particular theme, and now we’ve got only one week to create a short comic story. That’s full production — concept, script, pencils, inks, colors, letters — the whole nine yards in just a week!

Our first assignment is Jack Kirby… a hell of a way to kick things off, as I’m sure you’ll agree. This first round ends Monday, May 30, 2011. We’ll be deploying our comics throughout next week, so keep checking the official blog!



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3 responses to “Enter the Small Press Commandos

  1. Dre

    Nice. Definitely going to keep up with you guys.
    I guess it’s go hard or go home!

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