Footprints #1 Review @ WeirdReview

The kindly gentleman at posted a nice writeup about Footprints #1 (along w/ a smokin’ hot photo of Jonathan and I). Here’s an excerpt:

The cover artwork is in cooler tones with black, shades of browns, and blues and the internal work is all black and white which works well for me as the story is dark and the places and characters are cold in nature (the Artic, Don and Nessie are sea creatures, etc.)  In the midst of the darkness the story flashes to a humorous scene from before the old gang broke up where Foot was shooting a pic of the rest of the gang and it included his brother Yeti with an afro and a leisure suit.

If you haven’t read Footprints #1 yet, now you know what you’re missing. The site is also giving away FREE signed copies of the issue, so make sure you head over there and find out how to win! Check out the whole post here.


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