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An Open Letter to Cal Thomas

Dear Mr. Thomas,

My name is Joey Esposito — I’m the Comics Editor at and a creator of comics. As you’ve probably deduced by now, you’ve sparked a flame under the bellies of comic book fans everywhere. I’m not here to write you another rage-filled letter, but I am here to tell you that you are wrong.

The matter of Superman’s actions is irrelevant; it’s a fictional story, and there’s no use endlessly debating the “new age pap” behind it. However, in your column, you fail to mention the actual point of the story — that Superman is meant to inspire hope to all nations, everywhere in the world. Is peace and hope exclusive to the U.S.? Superman’s actions in the story are there to help better everyone. It’s actually quite obvious, if one reads the story. But you didn’t read the story.

I find it highly offensive to your journalistic “integrity” that you state, quite obviously in your piece for Fox News, that you didn’t even bother to read what you were commenting on. Your basis for the entire piece you wrote was “from news reports.” And later, you go on to reference Captain Marvel’s Wikipedia page as a source of information when you try to make a point about the purity of superheroes. You can debate politics day in and day out, but it’s too much effort to do a little research on pop culture icons? Captain Marvel has been in existence nearly as long as Superman, giving him 70+ years of source material to draw upon, but instead you rely on Wikipedia. Not only that, but you speak about him as though he doesn’t exist anymore. Did the Wikipedia page not tell you that he’s still alive and kicking alongside Superman at DC Comics?

Secondly, even more offensive is your assumption that comic book fans can’t read. Your mentions of personal attachment to Superman make reference to the television show from when you were a kid; does this mean you’ve never actually read a Superman comic? You certainly neglected to read “The Incident,” but have you read any comics in the past 30 years? You speak of it as though it’s an illegitimate form of art, like comics haven’t won Pulitzer Prizes and high-brow literary awards. You speak as though some of the greatest living writers and artists don’t make comics regularly. I would never think to come into your arena and start spewing inaccuracies about politics, and I find it unfortunate that you think you could do so to us.

I respect that you have a personal opinion about what Superman should stand for. We all do. It’s what makes him an icon. But to assume that you can so easily lump comic books and their fans into a category without actually knowing what you’re talking about is terribly offensive and frankly, disheartening. I don’t expect you to respond to this letter, but the least you can do is look beyond Wikipedia before you make claims about an industry and art that you have no stake in. Some of us do take comics as a serious business and art form, and I just want to make sure that you don’t continue to misconstrue our love of words and pictures as unintelligence.


Joey Esposito

You too can write to Mr. Thomas regarding his column at Fox News that greatly misrepresents the comic book industry, its fans, and its creators. Please show him how incredibly wrong he his by writing an intelligent, well-informed note from his website’s contact page, his Twitter account, call Fox News at 1-866-369-4762, or tweet the Fox News Twitter account. Copy and paste mine if you like. Just let him know how misinformed he sounds.



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Footprints #1 Featured on The Weekly Pull

The very kind gentlemen over at The Weekly Pull podcast had some very nice things to say about Footprints #1 and our Kickstarter campaign!

One particular quote I’m fond of is, when speaking of Bigfoot and the gang, “It’s almost like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen… the fact that they’re abnormals takes a back seat to the characterization.” You can listen to the full episode here, and make sure to check back with the show next week as I’ll be making an appearance!

If you’ve got any questions about Footprints that you’d like me to answer, you can e-mail the show with your questions!

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Footprints on the SLTM Podcast

We got a pretty sweet shout out over on the SLTM podcast — a great music show from which you will be bestowed lots of new shit to listen to — so special thanks to these guys for doing so. He talks about the book, Kickstarter, and more. You can give the episode a listen here!

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Interivew on the Popcropolis Podcast

The guys over at Popcropolis were nice enough to be generous hosts and interview me on their podcast to talk about Footprints and our Kickstarter campaign!

Go and listen to the whole episode (my segment begins at about 27 minutes in)!

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Footprints #1 Review @ WeirdReview

The kindly gentleman at posted a nice writeup about Footprints #1 (along w/ a smokin’ hot photo of Jonathan and I). Here’s an excerpt:

The cover artwork is in cooler tones with black, shades of browns, and blues and the internal work is all black and white which works well for me as the story is dark and the places and characters are cold in nature (the Artic, Don and Nessie are sea creatures, etc.)  In the midst of the darkness the story flashes to a humorous scene from before the old gang broke up where Foot was shooting a pic of the rest of the gang and it included his brother Yeti with an afro and a leisure suit.

If you haven’t read Footprints #1 yet, now you know what you’re missing. The site is also giving away FREE signed copies of the issue, so make sure you head over there and find out how to win! Check out the whole post here.

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