Footprints #1 Review @ Kitty’s Pryde

The folks at Kitty’s Pryde reviewed Footprints #1 and gave us an amazing 4.5/5 score! Here’s some of what they had to say:

Esposito does good giving them all human qualities. One of the strengths in this story is how he makes creatures like The Jersey Devil, Loch Ness and Megalodon (a giant shark) come across as human but at the same time their “monster”-ness is still a part of them. Off hand comments like Nessie being able to change her size so she can fit into the room and Don (the giant shark) not being able to get involved that much because he’s a giant shark, really help show that they may act like humans but they’re not.

Check out the full review of Footprints #1 at Kitty’s Pryde. To add to their awesomeness, they posted a preview as well!


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