Footprints Kickstarter Exclusive Art Print

Feedback was great on our Footprints #1 Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Cover, but this will completely and utterly melt your ocular units. This Kickstarter Exclusive print is extremely limited — only 50 will ever be produced — and is obviously only available by pledging to our Kickstarter Campaign.

Enough with the hype, see for yourself:

That’s what I’m talking about. This gorgeous exclusive print is available at the $100 reward level, which also includes everything at the $50 level (Kickstarter Exclusive variant cover, signed trade paperback, signed issues #1-4, etc.), along with an original sketch by our artist Jonathan Moore inside the trade paperback.

We hope that you love these exclusives, because we sure as hell do.

And yes, there are indeed some hints and teasers sprinkled throughout the image. Enjoy!  🙂


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