Interview @ A Comic Book Blog

I did a really fun interview with Geoff Arbuckle over at A Comic Book Blog this past weekend, which went live earlier today. You can find the entire interview here, but here’s an excerpt:

ACB: For the story element itself, you went with the noir genre.  Are you a big fan of genre in particular, or was it this particular genre that you wanted to use for these characters?

Esposito: Oh yeah, I just love noir in general.  But for these characters in particular, there is something in each of them that fits nicely with all of the classic noir archetypes.  The hard-boiled detective, the femme fatale, etc.  Each character in Footprints fills one of those roles, while adding in some extra stuff for the unique spin I think we found.  There are plenty of stories with Bigfoot or Nessy out there, but I think finding the spin on their accepted representations in popular culture is what makes Footprints appealing.

ACB: I think it’s safe to say that the use of these particular characters and the genre will lead to a lot of people being hooked.  I can say from personal experience that I’m looking forward to the rest of the story.  Can you give us a little tease for what we will be seeing throughout the rest of the Footprints series?

Esposito: Well yeah, first, I hope people do get hooked.  That’d be helpful.  As far as teases…  I can tell you that issue #2 opens the day that Japan signed the surrender documents ending World War II.  Let’s just say that the whole mystery behind this series is much, much larger in scope than a simple murder.  Or beheading, as the case may be.  Yeti’s murder was small potatoes.  There will be surprises and betrayals, and some light will be shed on the history between Foot and his brother.  And that’s just for “Iced”, this four issue mini.  With any luck, we’ll be going above and beyond that in the future.

We go on to talk about the comics industry, the importance of the Internet, and a whole lot more, so check it out! They also posted a review of Footprints #1, which if you haven’t read it, please do. It’s positively delightful.


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