Footprints on Kickstarter!

Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve been digging all of the coverage of Footprints #1 on the web. It’s been a blast seeing the reviews come in and there is still a lot more stuff to come. But we want to continue this story — with your help! Jonathan and I have taken Footprints to Kickstarter, the online fundraising site, in order to gain some fundage to complete not only the remaining 3 issues of Footprints, but also the collected trade paperback!

We’re offering a lot of great incentives, including Kickstarter Exclusive variants and prints that I’ll be showing off later this week! We have a lot of faith in the project, and we hope you’ll join us by contributing to it! Visit the Footprints Kickstart Campaign, where you’ll find a complete list of all our incentives and a nice video describing the project.

Jonathan and I would like to thank each and every one of you for making Footprints a success!


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