Footprints #1 Review @ A Comic Book Blog

Geoff over at ACB gave Footprints #1 a glowing review, saying:

Esposito gets noir.  He understands that the reader cannot know more than the characters in the story.  We have to discover the answers to the questions with our lead hero.  Also, that hero cannot be perfect.  He has to have a past that we may never know the full story to, but he’s haunted and cold.  He wants to do the right thing, but he’s not going to have a lot of friends before or after taking a job.

Sometimes, noir needs the visuals to be more important than the characters or story.  While all three usually work together to build the suspense and thrill the audience, often the visual steps to the forefront.  Think of some of the best black and white noir films.  In almost every one there is an iconic scene of either the villain making an ominous entrance, or the hero facing a fear or the villain.  Moore’s black and white visuals are stunning.  It’s subdued when necessary, and steps up to set the tone when needed.  When looking at the characters, you can read so much from their faces.  Every line and wrinkle tells its own story.  Every shadow stretches and cloaks the scene in mystery and makes the frame heavy with mood.

Be sure to read the full review of Footprints #1 at A Comic Book Blog! Thanks guys!


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