Broken Frontier Reviews Footprints #1

Yesterday, Steven Surman over at Broken Frontier posted a flattering review of Footprints #1! Big thanks to the folks at BF for pimping our small little book! Here’s an excerpt:

In Footprints, we have a pinch of Sin City, a sprinkle of some Hellboy, and a culinary binder of The X-Files, but none of those recollections on my part take away from just how original this book is. Its power thrives in its tone, characterization, and visual presence. Sure it’s a mystery, but I couldn’t care less about a murder if I’m not compelled by those involved. But Foot is grizzled and tired. Devil is rude and unabashed. Nessie is sensitive but resourceful. And Don, for his size and strength, is a bit too prim and prissy for the others to completely take him seriously. How will they ever solve this case?

That’s the fun, isn’t it? Writer Esposito has given us a cast to relate to and care about despite the vast differences between our respective species.

Check out the full review of Footprints #1 at Broken Frontier!


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