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Interview w/ Comic Attack

Hey everyone,

Andrew Hudson over at recently did a pretty sweet interview with me about comics, Footprints, IGN, our Kickstarter Campaign, and of course, Back to the Future. Big thanks to the site for all the support they’ve shown us! Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

CA: Who’s your favorite character (whether personally or to write) in Footprints?

JE: I love Jersey Devil. I know it’s like the “cool” thing to do to make fun of the Jersey Shore folks, but I hope that I’ve infused Devil with enough endearing qualities to make him appealing, including to the Jersey Shore people. He’s just a lot of fun to write. He’s the glue that holds the team together, really, even if he’s sort of this hapless troublemaker. They all need him, even if it’s only to put him down every other panel to elevate their egos. The character interaction is a lot of fun to write. If I ever get to the point where I can deliver his one-shot origin tale, that will be a complete dream.

CA: If Footprints was made into a film, who would be your dream cast?

JE: I’m really not a fan of the idea, to be honest. First, I don’t think it’d work as a live-action movie. An animated flick would be cool, but Hollywood would insist on going CGI with it, and that’d be lame. So I don’t have a good answer for you, aside from Brian Cox playing Dr. Weber. That would be badass.

CA: Can you give us a hint about where you’re going to take Footprints next?

JE: Well, we saw Devil get carried off by a rather suspicious looking G-Man at the end of issue #1, so rest assured that we’ll be digging a little deeper into just what the hell the team has stumbled onto. I can say that issue #2 opens on the evening that WWII ended, in a brief glimpse into the past lives of Foot and Yeti. I can also promise waffles and explosions. If you’ve seen our Kickstarter Exclusive Art Print, there’s also some hints about the overarching plot of the series in the article clipping within the image.

CA: Fiction based on past decades tend to set their themes to the times they’re based on (depression in the thirties, McCarthyism in the fifties, etc.). Since Footprints starts right after WWII, will we see any themes connecting with the post war era?

JE: Well, the overall “story” of Footprints begins around the WWII-era, though “Iced” is set in the modern day. But yes, there are ties to the war that plays into the events that are unfolding, as well as current events overseas. It’s definitely fun to play into those eras, and future Footprints tales, with luck, will be able to explore this cast throughout different decades. The general timeline I’ve given is that the cryptids have been integrated in society since about the early 20th century, so there are so many options.

CA: Is Footprints going to be a one story event or, should everything go successfully, will you write other tales with Bigfoot or spin-offs with other characters?

JE: It’s structured so that we can tell numerous stories with these characters, in a series of minis or what have you. “Iced” is a complete story, but there’s definitely more to dive into. Obviously I have huge plans about what COULD happen, depending on our level of success. Jonathan and I have chatted briefly about the next story, but right now our focus is on getting our Kickstarter fully backed and being able to finish the first on our own, should we be unable to trick a publisher into releasing it!

You can read the entire interview at!


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Footprints #1 Review @ Comic Attack

After a lovely C2E2 experience, I was elated to find yet another great review of Footprints #1, this time courtesy of Comic Attack! Here’s an excerpt:

If you took out the creatures and put in normal people, you’d still get a classic detective story. And that’s not a bad thing, either. This is a comic that doesn’t need cheap gimmicks or reliance on high concept ideas; the story is strong and can stand on its own. Still, I’m curious as to how the story will develop and if they’ll start taking advantage of the creatures’ mythologies. Either way, whether they stick with the classic noir or push the high concept of Big Foot as a detective, they can’t really lose as long as they keep going strong.

Coming from a site that I love, that’s awesome! Be sure to read the full review of Footprints #1 at Comic Attack.

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C2E2 & Our New Kickstarter Goal for 3/21/11

Right off the bat, let me just say that C2E2 was awesome — both from a journalistic side and a creative side. Jonathan and I are thankful to any of you that swung by our table to say hi or pick up a copy of Footprints #1. And yes, that includes you, person who stole from us! In seriousness, it was a success for us and we hope to be back next year!

That said, in terms of the Kickstarter Goal we set for ourselves last week… you guys absolutely blew us away. We surpassed our week-long goal in less than 24 hours! Your support means so much to us, and we appreciate everything you’re doing to help spread the word. Keep tweeting that link, and write to Kickstarter to tell them you want to see Footprints as a featured project!

As of this writing, our Kickstarter is34% funded at an amazing $2,550 with 76 days left to go. We’d like to see our pledges go up to $3,100 by next Monday, March 28. Can you help us reach that goal? You can pledge to our Kickstarter Campaign or if you’re already one of our awesome backers, tell everyone else that you know!

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Look For THIS @ C2E2

As I sit here in LAX, I again want to thank everyone that’s helped out with Kickstarter thus far. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re confident we’ll reach our goal! Keep spreading the word!

In the meantime, if you’re headed to C2E2 this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for this:

We’ll be at Artist’s Alley Table M4! We have Footprints #1 for sale ($3!) along with the Footprints art print. In addition, Jonathan will have some of his other prints for sale, along with FUBAR. He’s also taking commissions. Come say hi!

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Footprints #1 Review @ GeekNative

Andrew at the site GeekNative got his hands on a copy of Footprints #1 and wrote up a very nice review, saying:

Indeed the cast and crew are cryptozoological creatures; we’re introduced to Mr Devil early on, there’s also Nessie, Megalodon (aka Don) and a Chupacabra (aka Choop). What works very early on is Bigfoot as a noir private eye. Visually it works – shambling around in a large coat, that brooding sense of the unexpected and you’re entirely uncertain of what levels of violence Foot is capable of. The league of cryptids gather later on in issue and have enough time and page space to show similar promise.

You can read the entire Footprints #1 review at GeekNative. Thanks, guys!

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Footprints #1 Review @ Kitty’s Pryde

The folks at Kitty’s Pryde reviewed Footprints #1 and gave us an amazing 4.5/5 score! Here’s some of what they had to say:

Esposito does good giving them all human qualities. One of the strengths in this story is how he makes creatures like The Jersey Devil, Loch Ness and Megalodon (a giant shark) come across as human but at the same time their “monster”-ness is still a part of them. Off hand comments like Nessie being able to change her size so she can fit into the room and Don (the giant shark) not being able to get involved that much because he’s a giant shark, really help show that they may act like humans but they’re not.

Check out the full review of Footprints #1 at Kitty’s Pryde. To add to their awesomeness, they posted a preview as well!

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Kickstarter Goal: The Week of 3/14/11

I just want to give a special thanks to everybody that’s backed Footprints in our Kickstarter Campaign so far. Some are friends, some are family, some are colleagues, and some are strangers, but all are now  a part of something extremely special and we love you for it. We managed to break $1000 in our first week, so we’re setting a new goal. We want to be at $1750 by next Monday! You can help make it happen by spreading the word!

You’ve seen all the great incentives we’re offering, but more importantly, you’re giving two struggling creators the means to do what they love for a living. We genuinely thank you for this first week of crowd-funding. Don’t forget, if you’re at C2E2 this coming weekend, find us at Artist’s Alley Table M4! We’ll have Footprints #1 and the Footprints Standard 11 x 17  Art Print for sale!

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Footprints Standard 11 x 17 Art Print

Here it is folks! This is the standard Footprints art print, totally gorgeous and of course, completely awesome. This is the art print that comes with the $25 pledge level in our Kickstarter Campaign, and will also be available for sale at this very blog (soon) and at any conventions you might see us at, including C2E2 this weekend!

As you probably realize, this is our Page 9 title page, colored and lettered up nicely by Jonathan and Adam, respectively. And yes, this is available at the $25 pledge level, which also includes signed versions of issues #1-4 in print, electronic copies, and a special mention in the “Thank You” section of the trade paperback.

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The Future is Now!

Behold! The first printed copies of Footprints #1 have arrived today, and they look great! If you haven’t already, you can order your copy by Pre-Ordering to the left of this page (yes, where it says ‘donate’), or better yet, contributing to our Kickstarter Campaign!

And of course, if you’re headed to C2E2 this year, you can grab your copy at Artist’s Alley Table M4.

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Footprints Kickstarter Exclusive Art Print

Feedback was great on our Footprints #1 Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Cover, but this will completely and utterly melt your ocular units. This Kickstarter Exclusive print is extremely limited — only 50 will ever be produced — and is obviously only available by pledging to our Kickstarter Campaign.

Enough with the hype, see for yourself:

That’s what I’m talking about. This gorgeous exclusive print is available at the $100 reward level, which also includes everything at the $50 level (Kickstarter Exclusive variant cover, signed trade paperback, signed issues #1-4, etc.), along with an original sketch by our artist Jonathan Moore inside the trade paperback.

We hope that you love these exclusives, because we sure as hell do.

And yes, there are indeed some hints and teasers sprinkled throughout the image. Enjoy!  🙂

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