CC2K Reviews Footprints #1

The first official FOOTPRINTS #1 review is in! Gary Kenny at CC2k gave us a quite lovely 4.0/5 score, saying:

“Esposito’s scribed these characters as if these aren’t just monsters. The book could have worked as a great detective story without the ensemble being cast as monsters, but it’s just that quirkiness that makes it fun and original… The art direction is dark and well detailed. Each comic box has different camera angled shot and it almost feels like you’re watching a 1940s crime drama. This type of direction isn’t in your typical modern comic. Maybe it’s because Moore put in a lot of time and hard work into this piece and wasn’t rushed like so many comic artists are nowadays. Most modern comics all share the same kind of flow: big fight scene, splash page. Footprints feels like it was drawn back in the 1970s where comics were just experimenting with different shots. Moore’s pace and detail make this book flow.”

Thanks guys! And be sure to check out the full review.


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