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Berkshire Eagle on Footprints

My hometown newspaper, The Berkshire Eagle, posted a really nice little article about myself and Footprints. Complete with quotes from my mom, we’re hugely thankful to everyone over there for the additional press! Here’s an excerpt:

Esposito acknowledges he’s just starting out in a quickly evolving, hard-scrabble industry, but that’s OK with him.

“I don’t need to write Batman — I just love comics as a storytelling medium. You can do anything you want without worrying about the special-effects budget,” he said. “As long as I get to create my stories, even if only 1,000 people read them, that’s success to me.”

His mom agrees with that assessment.

From her Pittsfield home, Lenore Esposito expressed pride in her son’s achievements.

“Some of it goes over my head, but we’re so proud of him,” she said. “He’s really good at what he does and he enjoys it, so we’re rooting for him.”

Take a second and read the full article here!


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Footprints #1 Preview @ Broken Frontier

Well, hey! One of my favorite comics sites on the internetz was kind enough to post a preview of FOOTPRINTS #1! Thanks, guys!

Don’t forget, you can pre-order the issue at the link on the side of the page. And yes, I realize it says “donate,” but that is apparently the only Paypal button that works with WordPress. If you’re an international customer, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at about international shipping costs.

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CC2K Reviews Footprints #1

The first official FOOTPRINTS #1 review is in! Gary Kenny at CC2k gave us a quite lovely 4.0/5 score, saying:

“Esposito’s scribed these characters as if these aren’t just monsters. The book could have worked as a great detective story without the ensemble being cast as monsters, but it’s just that quirkiness that makes it fun and original… The art direction is dark and well detailed. Each comic box has different camera angled shot and it almost feels like you’re watching a 1940s crime drama. This type of direction isn’t in your typical modern comic. Maybe it’s because Moore put in a lot of time and hard work into this piece and wasn’t rushed like so many comic artists are nowadays. Most modern comics all share the same kind of flow: big fight scene, splash page. Footprints feels like it was drawn back in the 1970s where comics were just experimenting with different shots. Moore’s pace and detail make this book flow.”

Thanks guys! And be sure to check out the full review.

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Footprints #1 Preview @ Earth 616

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note:

Benjamin over at Earth 616 was kind enough to show off a preview of FOOTPRINTS #1.

Thanks, guys!


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Footprints #1 Preview

We’re pleased to unveil the first look at FOOTPRINTS #1! Debuting at C2E2 2o11, the book will be on sale at Artist’s Alley Table M4 for $2.99! You can also pre-order directly from us if you like, using the Paypal link above at the top of the page. The book will also be available digitally after the show.

FOOTPRINTS #1: When Bigfoot discovers his brother brutally murdered, he assembles his old detection team to unravel a conspiracy that spans decades. FOOTPRINTS is a creator-owned comic about a cast of cryptozoological deviants placed inside a noir setting. It’s a fun trip through a unique modern setting that will appeal to fans of noir, comedy, and huge freaking sharks.

We’ve gotten some good buzz thus far:

“A fiercely smart and wildly inventive take on the classic noir, FOOTPRINTS is everything you could want in a comic. Part Raymond Chandler, part Weekly World News, and part some brand new twisted voodoo ingredient cooked up by the frighteningly talented Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore, this book is one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve come across in a long time!” – Scott Snyder (Detective Comics, American Vampire)

“FOOTPRINTS lead the way to murder and bedlam!  Every clue drags you deeper to a mystery begging to be solved.” – Johnny Zito (Black Cherry Bombshells, Lamorte Sisters)

“FOOTPRINTS is an odd and welcome blend of adventure, horror, comedy, and mystery. Hilarious one moment, and sincerely gut wrenching the next, it brings a refreshing voice to comics.  Can’t wait for the next issue.” – John Arcudi (B.P.R.D., A God Somewhere)


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C2E2 2011

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, but I promise things will be becoming a lot more lively in the next couple of weeks. Jonathan Moore and I are set to debut FOOTPRINTS #1 at C2E2 this year; you’ll find Jonathan at table M4 in Artist’s Alley, books in hand! He’s also accepting commissions and such, the details of which you can find at his deviantART page.

So what the hell is FOOTPRINTS, you ask? You’ll find out soon enough, but for now, how about just a peek at Jonathan’s lovely cover?

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