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Celebrate Nerd Pride and Sing the Yub-Yubs

As anyone reading this blog likely knows, today is a day set aside in light of the touching story of 7 year-old Katie Goldman’s plight as a Star Wars fan to celebrate who we are and what we love. Bullying is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. But as a life-long Star Wars enthusiast and general geek, Katie’s story and subsequent happy ending lands close to home. That said, I’ve got my “Sith Happens” t-shirt in full swing today and will perhaps celebrate this evening by watching Empire. Maybe just some Clone Wars. I haven’t decided yet.

No, I’m not a girl and no, I was never generally picked on as a kid, at least, not for being a nerd. I’m blessed with parents that are also huge nerds in their own ways. My mom collected comics when she was a kid until my Grandfather threw them all away (we’d be rich now, but on the plus side, I can rest assured that all of the crap I have stored at my mom’s house will be forever safe) and my dad is an avid toy car, pin, and stamp collector.  In that respect, I never knew another way of life, or even considered the notion that collecting and/or nerdom was anything but normal. I don’t recall thinking any other way than genuine indifference if someone didn’t approve of what I liked, and can honestly say I never went through an experience like Katie, at least that I can remember.

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Marty! You Made It!

Marking out for Star Wars, Batman, or Doctor Who is fairly commonplace. Knowing which issue Green Lantern Ch’p made his first appearance (Green Lantern Vol. 2 #148) is, in the realm of nerd, standard. However, since I was a kid one other sci-fi franchise has stood out to me in a way that was hard to articulate until I got older. Back to the Future ages with grace; along with your maturity as a film goer, the comedy, themes, and characters of the series grow proportionately. With confidence I can say that the Back to the Future films are the most enjoyable, flawless filmic entities on the planet Earth.

That said, just as Ghostbusters has begun to see a renaissance in die-hard fandom, so too has BTTF. In conjunction with the Blu-ray release of the trilogy (awesome), Universal re-released the original film in limited locations back in October, and now Telltale has their upcoming downloadable adventure game, which is really what spawned this post. I’m as excited as the next BTTF fan that can recite every line of every film, but after seeing the trailer that was released earlier this week, I’m a tad worried as well.

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Hey Howdy Hey

Hey everyone,

If you have stumbled across this page, it’s rather likely that you’re stalking me. In any event, this is going to be my personal blog (who the hell am I? Find out here!) that will be updated with the occasional ramblings, previews of my upcoming projects, links to fun things, and basically, whatever I feel like. If you stumbled across this as a fan of my work writing about comic books and/or video games, I appreciate your readership and hope that you find this site enjoyable.

It’s going to be a busy month for me, so bear with me as I get this thing up and running.

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