Pawn Shop Script Book Now Available

Way back during the Pawn Shop Kickstarter campaign, we revealed the Pawn Shop Script Book as a stretch reward. It’s a collection of all my hand-written notes, the original rough draft, and the final typed draft of the entire graphic novel. It’s meant to show off the process of making a comic from conception to final product. The reward has gone out to the Kickstarter backers, but I’ve just listed it in my store for anyone that missed out on the campaign.

Buy the Pawn Shop Script Book

It’s $5 for a 222-page PDF, and you can buy it here. Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

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Pawn Shop Commentary – Part 1

The kind folks over at one of my favorite comic book sites,  Talking Comics, have been kind enough to do a series of videos going in-depth behind the scenes of Pawn Shop as a sort of commentary track. In the first installment we talked about Chapters 1 and 2, where certain ideas and themes got their start, and why being an “aspiring” writer is BS.

You can check out the video here:

The next installment we’ll have Sean on as well to talk about the art side of things! And again, huge thanks to Bobby Shortle and the rest of the Talking Comics team for being such huge proponents of our little book. It means a lot to us.

Don’t forget you can get Pawn Shop on Comixology in installments or the full OGN at my store.

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Pawn Shop Now Available on Comixology

I’m pleased to announce that Pawn Shop is getting a digital release — starting today — courtesy of the fine folks at comiXology. We’ll be serializing the book into four installments — one issue per chapter — and releasing one issue a week at 99 cents each. That’s just $4 for the whole book digitally!

You can buy issue #1 here:

A huge thanks to John D. Roberts and Chip Mosher and the whole team over at comiXology for helping to make this happen. Here’s the full press release:

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Top 25 Nirvana Songs

It’s always a sad, strange thing to remember somebody on the day that they died. Of course it’s impossible for memories to replace a living, breathing human being, but at least the fans will always have something just as real: the music.

Today marks 20 years since the world lost Kurt Cobain, so I decided to figure out my 25 favorite Nirvana songs — songs that undoubtedly shaped my life in so many indescribable ways. Nirvana’s music means more to me than any other piece of art.


So I’ve listed my 25 favorites and the record they first appeared on — though for the Spotify links I’ve included my favorite versions, from  live albums and what have you. And just as I did on my Top 25 Nine Inch Nails list, there are no cover songs present.

There’s also a complete Joey’s Top 25 Nirvana Songs Playlist you can subscribe to:

Here we go:

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“Kindred”: A Free 6-Page Comic

I’m very pleased to present a new short comic by myself, artist Panda Musk, and letterer Adam O. Pruett.

It’s called “Kindred” and you can read the whole thing for free on my Tumblr. Please share and leave feedback if you’re so inclined.


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“When it Comes to the Past, Everyone Writes Fiction” — A Few Words About Stephen King’s Joyland

I needed a work break, so I thought I’d share some lingering thoughts about a book I finished recently.

I’m a big fan of the Hard Case Crime line of hard-boiled paperbacks. Favorite authors writing the kind of stories that I love, it’s tailor-made for me and lovers of crime fiction. It’s especially exciting when an author you wouldn’t expect to release such a book shows up, like Stephen King (or the recent Michael Crichton releases).

King’s booklist is enormous and spans many different genres, but he’s primarily known for his thriller/horror works. In 2013, Hard Case Crime released King’s second novel for the imprint, Joyland (his first was The Colorado Kid, which I haven’t yet read — if you’ve seen SyFy’s Haven, you might be familiar with it).


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Pawn Shop Love

PScoverTest5It’s been a long time coming, but the graphic novel that Sean Von Gorman and I Kickstarted back in 2012 is finally done and about to go off to the printer’s. Kickstarter backers have received their digital copies (if you haven’t, there’s an update for backers-only on the KS project with a link to download) and some members of the press have gotten their review editions.

I’m also pleased to say that the print edition will feature a foreword by die-hard New Yorker, class act, and writer extraordinaire, Adam P. Knave.

If you happened to miss the Kickstarter, you can currently pre-order the book from my online store and it will ship after the Kickstarter folks receive their copies.

Visit my store on Storenvy

Much to my delight, response has been quite flattering so far. Thank you all. I wanted to post some of the love we’ve received, if only to remind myself that the two years it took to get this book out the door was worth it. Here’s what some awesome people are saying:

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“Beautiful Things Don’t Ask for Attention” — Some Thoughts on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Full disclosure: I haven’t read James Thurber’s 1939 short story by the same title nor have I seen the 1947 movie. While I plan on doing both eventually, this is all about Ben Stiller’s version. I loved it and think it’s something everyone — particularly those of us that are hunkered down at our desks behind computers all day — should go and see. There are spoilers for the whole movie in here, just so you know.

The premise is something we can all relate to, I think, especially those more interested in the world(s) inside of our heads than the real one outside of our window. Walter Mitty processes negatives for the soon-to-be-defunct Life Magazine, assisting world famous photojournalist Sean O’Connell in his documentation of Earth without ever actually leaving the confines of his dank little office. When Sean’s negative for what is going to be the magazine’s final cover is lost, Walter breaks free of his stifling, droning life and tries to hunt it down in Greenland, Iceland, and Afghanistan, following Sean’s trail and encountering a number of characters and adventures along the way.

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My Favorite Albums of 2013

2013 was absolutely amazing for music. So much good stuff hit this year, from old favorites and new discoveries, that putting together my favorites for the year was actually legitimately difficult. The way I narrowed it down was essentially determining which records I went back to over and over and over again since they released. There are some notable omissions that at the start of 2013 I would’ve expected to be sure bets for favorites of the year –the new Pearl Jam and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, for instance.

I created Joey’s Best of 2013 Playlist on Spotify, if you’d like to check out 27 of my favorite songs for the year (in an effective playlist order, not ranked), nearly all of them from the ten records below and the honorable mentions that follow. I also included my favorite tracks for each record on the list if you want to give ‘em a listen, and the other links all lead to digital downloads on Amazon.

Read on!

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Top 25 Nine Inch Nails Songs

This week marks the release of Hesitation Marks, the first Nine Inch Nails record since 2008′s The Slip — which we all assumed was the last hurrah for Trent Reznor in his NIN incarnation. Thankfully, that isn’t the case, and here we are! I’ve been listening to the new record for the past week and it doesn’t disappoint. Production-wise, it calls back to The Downward Spiral while making a significant step forward for the evolving sound of Nine Inch Nails (just take a listen to “Everything,” a song that wears its Joy Division love on its sleeve).

To celebrate Hesitation Marks, I decided to do the impossible task of ranking my top 25 NIN songs. A couple of qualifications: no covers (so “Physical” and “Dead Souls” are absent, I’m afraid), no remixes, and nothing from Ghosts (simply because that record is basically a symphony and should be consumed as a whole).

Here we go!

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